We were asked to speak with an Electrostatic Spraying distributor that had franchised a Canadian brand and brought to the UK & Europe. They were looking to reach businesses that were seeking an effective way of sanitising large areas to meet new restrictions and regulations to protect people in 2020.

They originally sought advice on how to improve sales through online advertising however, after an in-depth audit of the business online, we recommended they create a professional website that offers enough information to allow customers to make a decision to purchase. Then focus on sending traffic to that site via advertising.

It’s difficult for brands to look objectively at their products and see it through the eyes of a customer. In many cases, the business believes the issue is not enough traffic, yet when digital marketers analyse the online path to purchase many areas of friction quickly become apparent.

We spent time designing and building a site to replace the current styling adopted from the parent company to give them a clear, professional and effective website that customers would find simple to understand and buy from. We ensured that regardless of where the customer was in the decision-making journey, they would be able to find the information they were looking for quickly.

Hussel also worked with the business to develop a series of very clear walk-through videos, showing the customer exactly how the product worked and what they would receive when they ordered.

Following the build and launch of the website the business immediately saw improved sales (250% within two weeks) alongside increased traffic and conversion rates. This rapid rate of improvement has continued since so much so, the business has chosen to hold-off on advertising and focus on organic sales. Job done.

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