When Lewis had his Apple AirPods stolen off a Qatar Airways layover flight in Doha he had the joy, nay the privilege of watching them travel the world for no less than five months … 

I’m not sure how this will be received, no doubt there’s an argument over whether this is the pettiest thing I’ve ever done, the most creative advertising content I’ve ever made, or it could be viewed as just downright ridiculous and nonsensical … 

Whichever way it goes, we’re here for it!  

The plan: We pick brands that are widely known and get hella creative basically doing our own version of marketing content for their business.

But … “Guys, what’s the point!” we hear you say …

Well if we’re honest it really isn’t a new concept … graphic designers have been rebranding businesses for years to showcase their abilities and generate a buzz about their work.

Watching our cherished AirPods flying from Qatar to Katmandu, before heading to a small village in the Himalayan mountains overlooking Nepal. Then taking a short jaunt to Thailand before finally coming to rest back in Doha. 

Well we just couldn’t resist using it any longer!

What you witness here today, is what happens when a disruptive marketing weirdo, with nothing left to lose, decides enough … is enough. 

And in the midst of all this chaos, we actually did test the Apple “Find My Feature” and created unique marketing content for the product.  


– 50+ global news and press features in 24 hours
– 1.26m estimated views (coveragebook.com)
– Over 40,000 engagements on social media
– Combined 1.75m+ views on our own channels
– “Budget” of just over £2k 

Total campaign reach:  3m+ views 

We’d say that was a successful bit of disruptive marketing when all is said and done.

Looking to create a Disruptive/Guerilla marketing campaign?