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Brennan Industries Advertising Campaign #2

What’s better than one American causing chaos … well two of course!

The SECOND episode of our highly-anticipated campaign is now live!

This time, we’ve upped the stakes with not just one, but TWO of our American reps, in a friendly face-off that is sure to catch your eye. 🇺🇸🥊

In this epic battle of wits, our charismatic representatives go head-to-head to prove who knows more about Brennan and they are doing it in the most entertaining way we could think of!

This isn’t just an advert; it’s a celebration of a brand without borders, showcasing a deeper level of knowledge that the employees within the company exude almost every single day. 🤌

The underlying message in each piece of content (although decidedly funny) is that regardless of which country you engage with the brand, they will always bring their unique blend of expertise, insight, and personality to the table.

We believe in the power of personality to create genuine connections. That’s why we’ve focused on injecting a healthy dose of humour, charm, and relatable human elements into this campaign. After all, who said B2B marketing can’t be fun?

Have a nosey now and bear witness to the American Vs. American duel and let us know in the comments: Do you think we nailed your stereotypical vegan, green bean smoothie-drinking Californian? 👀👀

What Brennan Had To Say

We’ve been working with Lewis since the start of 2023 now and he’s done a couple of videos for us to use on our YouTube & LinkedIn social channels. 

So far Lewis and his team have knocked it out of the park and done a fantastic job. 

He has a brilliant and creative mind for outside-of-the-box marketing and myself and the rest of the Brennan team can’t wait to work with him again.”

Baneet Grover: Marketing Manager Brennan Industries 

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