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Brennan Industries UK Advertising Campaign

“We want to create content that resonates with our target audience, but we also want to showcase our brand personality in an industry that isn’t generally considered exciting”

If we had a dollar for every time we’ve heard this statement since we started … we’d have roughly $31 🤪

Alright, that aside … it’s by far our favourite thing to hear in discovery calls.

And the reason is simple.

If everyone in your industry places little/no emphasis on building a real connection with their customers … well it’s pretty easy to find huge wins without reinventing the wheel to do so.

It’s a campaign that Hussel were all too thrilled to dive into!

Let’s be real, Brennan Industries are ONE HECK of a huge company, and the one thing they do not struggle with is scaling their business and attracting more customers.

However, they have recently spotted a blind spot in their current marketing communications. And they wanted to inject a little more personality into the brand whilst maintaining their professional Status Quo.

Quite the paradox right?


They started by asking themselves “How can we shape perceptions of our brand and build a deeper level of connection with our audience?”

And hey, therein lay the opportunity!

You see the issue with most larger B2B’s is they often struggle to connect on an emotional level with their customers and prospects. People forget that just because you’re B2B, doesn’t mean you’re selling to a robot.

You’re actually connecting with a real person. A real person that has a real personality, real likes and dislikes, dreams, aspirations, and real logic behind the motivation to work with your brand.

Research has actually shown that B2B customers are significantly more emotionally connected with their vendors and service providers than consumers.

And this makes sense right?

As B2B purchases are usually complex, expensive and risky – and not just from a business perspective. And one wrong order could sink your career.

Who’d want to mess that up?

With all this in mind, the aim of the game with Brennan was to appeal to both the emotional and rational sides of their audiences’ brains. Not only that, but a lot of the important information being given, isn’t actually being communicated verbally.

We paid particular focus to the subtext. You know, what’s being said without it being actually said?

After all, that’s the clever part of B2B marketing campaigns, placing focus on the underlying message.

The Customer Review:

Hussel were exactly what we were looking for as a think outside of the box marketing agency.

Brennan worked with Hussel to produce a video for use as an advert on our social media & YouTube channels.

Lewis and his team were fantastic to work with & delivered exactly what we were looking for with the tone & presentation of the video.

We’ve been so impressed with the first video they produced for us that we’ve decided to turn this into a series of adverts for our company. We’re really happy to continue to work with Hussel and produce some compelling but fun content for our customers.

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