Dedicate approached Hussel as they were preparing to launch a new range of clothing in the UK and had been moving at such a rapid rate hadn’t paused to think how best to present their products online.

As with any new clothing business, costs are high and the brand is focused on how to get the first sales in to then buy more stock. Starting out it’s generally a very small team and they came to us seeking support with marketing to help give them the best chance of success.

After many discussions and hours of planning, we decided a site built on Shopify would be the most suitable way for them to manage sales whilst still having a website that has a professional look and feel they wanted.

Results: Setting our sights on a beautiful design, the entire build took just under two weeks from idea to conception. We worked closely with Dedicate at every step of the design phase and once they were sure it would suit their needs, we started to build.

Being a new business, they had very little in terms of assets, content, and a brand story. We helped them turn a simple product into an engaging, compelling brand. We wanted to showcase the core values of the business and do so in a way that potential customers can align with their own.

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