Dowsons Dairies reached out to Hussel as they required assistance in promoting their interactive activity park aimed at young children. During the first term of school many youth educators consider field trips and educational visits, and Mrs Dowsons Farm wanted to raise their brand profile and be included as an option.

Working closely with senior management, a decision to focus on social advertisement was reached as we found this would be the best way to raise the awareness of the brand Vs. teachers actively searching for venues on search engines.

Social is a brilliant way to trigger those who are interested into taking action and finding out more about you. Especially if they have had no previous experience of your business.

The main challenge was how we would target educators as not all teachers have their role on social. We had to dig into the demographic and build a picture of their interests finding what they would be most aligned with. We then had to ring-fence an area that was within travelling distance most schools would feel comfortable with.

Unfortunately we also faced a challenge of the brand having limited assets of video/imagery. Hussel had to get creative and by using our graphic design team we managed to turn basic, low-quality images into engaging social posts and compelling stories.

Results:  It was definitely a tricky campaign and we found it difficult to target teachers on Facebook & Instagram, especially when working within a set geographical area. The campaign proved successful regardless.

We reached over 500,000 relevant accounts each month with more than 10% converting on page and sending requests for further information through the website. The business collected this data and started a direct line of communication allowing them to sell in the benefits of the park as an educational visit.

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