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Revolución de Cuba Guerrilla Advertising

All right, folks, buckle up because it’s about to get saucy!

A couple of weeks ago Hussel was tasked with getting a little creative on short notice and attempt to grab some attention during what would be one of the busiest events in the UK.

Let us set the scene: So our client calls, they know Eurovision is coming up in a few weeks and they’re looking for a few ideas to turn some heads and direct footfall towards their location.

The kicker? When we start looking around we quickly find there isn’t a single billboard, advertising van, banner, hell even flagpole to rent! Zero, zilch, nada.

But did we panic … no we did not!

We thought we’d try something a little different … we thought, hell! Let’s create our own advertising space.

We began to scheme and within a few days we’d hatched a bold plan … one that just if done correctly, just might work!

With an army of over 100,000 potential visitors traipsing between the Eurovision village and the M&S arena, we decided to serve up our client’s brand right on their path using the art of… spray advertising!

Reverse graffiti if you will …

Sure, straying a bit into the marketing grey area can often challenge your nerves on occasion and we did have to cheekily sidestep security a few times before the sun came up.

But, we like to think we managed to pull it off!

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