Freshers life approached Hussel Marketing to support them in running paid ad campaigns across social and Google after we’d previously worked with a similar youth-focused brand. 

In quite a competitive space, the key would be specificity in targeting and the quality of content being used in the ads themselves. 

As everybody knows, ads are pretty easy to make and run right? After all, Google and other platforms make it just so easy to do! Well that’s because they would love to eat all of your hard-earned moneys …

Luckily for you, we have a team of beautifully-minded advertising geniuses on-hand to craft your campaigns and make them the best they can be.

This specific project required a collaborative effort of Hussel working alongside Freshers Life marketing team to take their content and copy and create hyper-focused campaigns on both social media and Google.

This campaign was very unique as it;

– Had separate ad campaigns to run at 21 universities across the UK (targeting students that hadn’t moved into those city accommodations yet)

– Included national campaigns for bundles running across the England and Wales

– Comprised multiple events and singular events dependent on student locations

– Involved complicated tracking as we were running campaigns to a ticket site rather than a brand-owned website

– Had only two weeks turnaround as the campaign needed to go live asap!

Results: Despite a very complicated setup, our team created over 14 different campaigns on social with over 100+ ads running locally, nationally and with highly specific targeting to demographic and motivations. Google search, display and retargeting campaigns were no less intricate.

In just over four weeks 2000+ tickets were sold ahead of the Fresher Events taking place. One hell of a campaign!

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