Hussel Marketing originally worked with Hamers360Fitness in 2017 supporting them on improving their search volume and generating more leads for them. The have since grown leaps and bounds and returned to us to ask how we could improve the website now they had budget to do so.

Knowing the business inside out, we were more than happy to oblige and build them something amazing yet effective. The current site was built on a drag & drop style builder (Jimdo) however they had fully outgrown the site and it was no longer representative of the business and their size. They wanted more features, better layout and an improved process for those looking to them for fitness services.

We have seen many fitness sites over the years, and we wanted to combine that element and styling but also match what people would expect to see if they were to view a personal trainer or gym site.

We started out by improving the style and ensuring there were no points of friction with all information being presented in a stylish but simple way. Calls-to-action, images and services were added, and all pages were designed to allow the user to understand if it was for them.

Once styling and path to purchase was improved, the team collected all the content and worked to ensure it was simple, easy to read and that the site would rank well for relevant search terms locally.

The site has been well received and the client has seen an uplift in online requests to book classes/sessions and less time is spent on the phone as they already fully understand what Hamers360Fitness do.

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