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Revolución de Cuba & Havana Rum Experiential Campaign

This has been, without a doubt, the most unpredictable British summer in recent memory. 🌞

A relentless 12 hours of that quintessential British drizzle – the sort that doesn’t merely dampen but truly drenches. Quite the unexpected prescription! 🤦🏻‍♂️

We found ourselves utterly soaked.

Our vision for the Revolución de Cuba “Summer” Carnival campaign was, admittedly, envisaged under sunnier skies.

Yet, here we stand. 🤌

Imagine the scene: Gleaming 50s American cars bravely defying the threat of rust, a 12-piece samba band likely daydreaming of poolside festivities, and a troupe of dancers – too numerous to seek refuge under a single umbrella.

Let’s not overlook our covert security detail – undoubtedly regretting their choice of footwear.

This delightful campaign is our contemporary spin on the time-tested “push-to-activate” promotional style.

The magic begins with an unsuspecting member of the public:

  • Strategically positioned in a bustling area is a promotional stand, abuzz with actors who engage and captivate passersby.
  • Nearby stands a conspicuous Havana Club switch, shrouded in mystery.
  • Alluring arrows coax the public to “Switch on Cuban Mode”. And who could resist?
  • A daring soul takes the plunge, flipping the switch, and suddenly, it’s carnival chaos.
  • We seize the moment, capturing the attention of every passerby and drawing them into the spectacle.
  • All while ensuring every vibrant second is caught on camera for social media.

Straightforward, you might think?

Executing this Guerrilla/Disruptive/Advertising/Random campaign, with its myriad components and meticulous coordination, was no small feat. We’re positively shattered.

Would we embark on such an endeavour again? Never… Well, perhaps just once more. 😝

Could someone pass a towel? And for clarity, it’s for the rain, not perspiration. I assure you!

What Our Client Had To Say

Lewis is my (not so) secret weapon for disruptive PR! We’ve worked on some brilliant brand activations this year with Revolución de Cuba and I can’t wait to carry on creating memorable moments, flipping the familiar into a fiesta.

Our most recent activation in Birmingham Bullring was beautifully pulled together, the video has been a hit internally and i’m excited for the content to hit our digital channels for guests to see.

Lewis is professional, enthusiastic, innovative and always keeps the brand stakeholders in mind when producing brand activations. We are in constant communication and I feel confident that he can literally pull anything off we dare to dream up! Absolutely love working with Hussel Marketing and thanks to Lewis for really bringing our brand to life!

He not only gets the job done to a high standard but really cares about the outcome and it’s his passion for marketing that really brings the stardust to our campaigns.

Kate Hawshaw: Brand Marketing Manager

 Revoluciòn De Cuba

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