HM Staffing & Recruitment approached us with one simple question “how can we separate ourselves away from the rest of recruitment and show that we’re youthful and dynamic”.

Harry founded the business in his early twenties and wanted to differentiate the way in which they work from the traditional recruitment status quo. 

After a few discussions and meetings with the HM team we decided on our path and began working on initial designs. 

Hussel excitedly set to work on creating designs and after a handful of iterations, moved into the build phase. Interestingly as the site took shape and our team at Hussel were able to use the site as a potential customer would, we just didn’t feel it was right.

The initial brief was to try and capture the fun, dynamic, youthfulness of the business and steer away from anything traditional however as the site took shape, we still felt that we had steered too close to the conventional “recruiter” style website.  

At this point, we discussed our concerns with HM Staffing and they agreed something just didn’t feel right. The next day we made the difficult choice to stop, scrap the current site and started over. It’s not always the easiest thing to do and of course we would have to bear the burden of additional costs.

It wasn’t a step we take lightly however we didn’t get the right emotion from the website and we’re firm believers of ensuring everything you do as a business you should be proud of. At the core of it all, emotions and how you feel when encountering digital touch-points are key to successful marketing!

Results: The final site came out beautifully! Everyone on our team and in HM Staffing agreed that the new site was garish, light, unique and different from any other in their industry. We’re happy that the final website captures the essence of the brand and leaves them with the ability to scale into the future. 

It incorporates an innovative “candidate resource” collection where candidates can download white papers and advice that can help them in their career. The focus is split 50/50 across organisations looking to hire the best talent and candidates looking to change roles. The site also now showcases the real people, real faces, and real team members that are the lifeblood of the business. 

Owner Harry Portch said: The Hussel team have recently built HM Staffing, a new website and we are blown away by the site and the results it’s delivering. From the start of the process to the end we had no issues and Lewis was always just a phone call away to help with any questions or changes. Massive thank you to the Hussel Team for building us a website that doesn’t just look nice but also attracts clients and represents our brand.

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