House Smart Surveying

Whenever we say we’re a disruptive marketing agency, people assume this means the craziest brands and only insane entrepreneurs work with us.

This however is often far from the reality for us. Our way of working often proves most effective in industries that are generally seen to be more ‘traditional’ and ‘reserved’. Like Accountants, Law Firms … and in this case, even Surveying Organisations. 

You see, it’s generally quite easy to make noise in industries that proudly stand by ‘how we’ve always done things’. And when Hamza approached us and told us “I’m going to disrupt this space” … Well we couldn’t be more eager to get involved.

He wanted a website that his customers could visit when they wanted to find out more about the business. The goal was to inform them about who he was, educate them on the different services and what they might require, and lastly he wanted to make the process super-simple and make the process frictionless.

With that, our mischievous minds set to work …

Our challenges;

  • Create a site that is developed for the customer, not written by a Surveyor for other Surveyors
  • Take the site from research to design to fully finished within four weeks (he urgently needed to get it live as he had an activation going live shortly and the previous site wasn’t suitable)
  • Give the website a ‘homely’, welcoming feel. One that made you feel you were dealing with friends
  • Really simplify the different services and make it simple for potential customers to identify what they require
  • Make sure that the site is not too ‘buttoned-up’, boring and like ‘every other’ beige firm in the same space. 

We’ve said it before and we shall shout it again … it all begins with a little competitor research. We pulled together five of the top performers we could find in their field, and started to analyse, scrutinise and damn near tear break their websites. 

The point here is to understand what ‘good’ currently looks like to everybody else, spot opportunities for improvement and figure out if there’s any features that we feel we should replicate. 

Our next port of call is to understand the customers. Where do they come from? What confuses them? What are they looking for? What could stop them contacting House Smart … and so on. 

Not being in this space allows us to view the industry with fresh eyes, and our research ensures that we create the site for those that will visit, not just create a site similar to what everybody else has. 

Once we had our plan in place, we sat with designers to brief them on requirements and immersing them in the business aims/goals … and then allowed them to run-free with creativity (as that’s kinda what they do best). 

Within a week initial designs were back to us, and with our deadline looming, we took them to share with Hamza one last time to ensure everything looked hunky dory.

The next time he would see the site … it would be fully built and ready to rock. 

Client Review: “I approached Lewis earlier on in the year and explained how I was restricted on budget and  required a website to be built to replace my existing website. We looked at some of the website that lewis had already created and I knew the creation and quality was top notch.

I have now received my site, Lewis and the team kept me well informed throughout, Lewis personally spent over eight hours making tweaks and ensuring everything was perfect.

I cannot fault the service and website Lewis has made and it’s already been generating bookings for my business. I will definitely refer Hussel Marketing to anyone who needs a website.”

Does your website need a little love?