“We want you guys to speak at the weirdest networking event you’ve ever seen!”

“You’ll be wearing masks, a cloak and you’ll be in a room that’s pitch black 😈”

That was by far the strangest sell we’ve ever done before and the weirdest part of all this,

Yet all three speakers, without hesitation said ‘Count us in!’

🙌🏻 People like that are our kinda people 🙌🏻

Here’s what we learnt running the first Hussel Society networking event;

👊🏻 You need more than a week to promote an event 😂

👊🏻 We didn’t need to worry that people wouldn’t like it

👊🏻 People share the same viewpoint … Business can be fun!

👊🏻 Bringing an idea to life is so exciting I can’t even put it into words.

👊🏻 Rage rooms are actually quite cathartic

The next one is already in planning stages, but I’ll be sure to give much more notice in future.

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