Infusion 51a approached Hussel to craft their first ‘disruptive’ campaign in the Middle East as they were working to build relationships and make connections with Dubai-based investors.

And so #FACESNOTNUMBERS was brought to life. A campaign designed to challenge the status quo whilst sharing the real stories, and real faces of those impacted by cancer, not just re-sharing numbers/statistics.

We still find it quite surreal when an idea 💡 is taken from concept and ideation stages and then we see it actually play out in real life … it’s a feeling that just never gets old. 

Of course when a client approaches us to a create concept, it’s always hard to visualise just how it’ll turn out. Put it this way, when we were out filming this campaign, we were proud as punch! 

Working alongside over 50 local university students #FACESNOTNUMBERS sought to challenge the status quo and add a more human element by showing the real faces of those currently being impacted by cancer.

It’s a bit of a different one for us, however it was quite nice to use our evil powers for good 😈

And for those wondering how it’s disruptive, we personally found ourselves nearly arrested on two occasions, and as a team we pretty much spent the entire grinning from ear to ear. 

You see public gatherings aren’t exactly allowed over in Dubai, even if it is for a good cause.

Results: In the midst of all the noise and chaos being generated, we captured a moment that would resonate much more with Dubai-based investors.

We found that by creating something that isn’t the ‘done thing’ and running this in social campaigns, the engagement and level of intrigue was extremely high.  

The bottom line, more doors opened, press sharing the activation and much more effective social campaigns. 

Who say’s disruptive marketing can’t be a force for good ey!?

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