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The simple brief:

“Come up with an advert to run on social media that’s humorous, focused on investment and also hammers home the point of what they do.

It’s an American advert but will need to be filmed in the UK, oh and we have a very limited budget 💰”

Challenge accepted 😈

We had six days to pull together an advert!
Literally just 144 hours from ideation to filming. 

We don’t know about you, but those types of sexy challenges get us all hyped up!

Within six days we;

– Had a polished script written then checked by a pro comedian

– Hired a location that suited our needs but also fit within our clients budget

– Put out a casting call to and hired an actor (with a presenting voice), a professional comedian and a few extras

– Designed & created costumer to match the golf tees and hats that they already have over the pond

– Pulled in a videography crew with the right skills and experience for this project

– Found four sets of golf clubs and a even a bad-boy golf cart

– Filmed the content, edited into multiple formats and set the campaign live

This might not seem impressive but for those of you in this field, you’ll know how hard this is to pull off when you have no time and limited budget.

Results: One of our favourite time restricted challenges to date, and there’s three main things we love about it.

#1 We found an American in the UK to give it that genuine American feel (aka pure cheese)

#2 It’s an investment advert but we’ve managed to sneak in someone being called a d*ck 

#3 People in the US and UAE are going to see Denton, Manchester for the first time in their lives, and we’re here for it 🤣🤣

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