Inventive Productions approached us about helping them generate increased ROI from social campaigns and drive traffic to unique themed cocktail bars. Initially the project focused on Alcotraz prison themed cocktail bars, however following a three month test period, we took over all paid social campaigns for all five venues they run.

Taking control of the social ad accounts, we audited their performance and noted many areas for improvement and optimisation.

Inventive had been surviving with no in-house designers since conception meaning we were tasked with creating graphics for advertising and the accompanying content.

Whilst our graphic designers were developing assets to use in advertising, our social managers were combing ad accounts to review past  performance and develop a strategy for our own targeting and campaigns. 

Results: The initial campaign kicked off with three sites (Brighton, Shoreditch and Covent Garden) and the results were phenomenal month on month. In the first month alone we managed a brilliant £8 return on every £1 spent.

Campaigns went from strength to strength each month as we optimised and improved them, eventually achieving an average of 10:1 return across their locations. 

Following our success, Hussel also took on all remaining sites across the south of England for a further three months until the brand decided to hire in a full-time team.

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