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“The perfect client doesn’t exi…”

Oh hang on a minute …

So, we had this crraaaazy little shoot last month where we needed to create content for a very unique brand.

A brand that was already swimming in engagement, press interest, user-generated content, and influencers visiting on the reg – talk about pressure!

So we put on our thinking/dunce caps, and by some stroke of genius or pure fluke, we came up with a ridiculously beautiful idea.

What if we turned Karen’s Diner into an airline? 🛫🍔

Yes, you read that right.

What if we turned it into the worst airline to ever exist … and no we’re not talking about RyanAir … Worse!

Speak of the devil … what if we even take cheeky digs at Europe’s “favourite” airline – because well karma and all that 😜

Don’t get us wrong, we know it sounds like the weirdest idea ever … but it somehow seems to be working!

Now we’re just hoping RyanAir retaliates and we can start beef with Karen’s (no burger puns intended)

These guys are an absolute blast to work with.👊🏻😈

The Results:

    • Over 1m+ views on TikTok alone in the first month creating their own style of content
    • 1000’s of potential customers sharing the content and engaging with posts through likes, comments and tagging their friends
    • Increased reach and visibility across all social media platforms
    • The brand is able to now share content that tells more of its story and showcases the brand personality in a creative way.
    • A unique style of creating content that, if continued, fits brilliantly with user-generated content and other in-restaurant posts.

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