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Client: “Reckon you could do an MTV Cribs style advert for us?”

Hussel: “Hold my beer!” 😝😝

For those of you that have been around a while, you’ll know that M60 are the type of dream client that are literally up for everything (and up for wearing anything 😝)


But amidst all the silliness and having a great day out on our advertising shoots, there’s actually a pretty important marketing lesson to be learned here.

And that lesson is in “brand recall”

See Skip Hire is kinda like a grudge purchase. You don’t particularly care who you get one from, you just want it quick and for a reasonable price.

Nobody really cares who they hire a skip from …

But what if …

What if they did?

What if we built the brand locally and made them almost famous within their community?

What if people actually loved watching their adverts?

And when it came time to hire a skip, only one company sticks in their mind …

Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Or what if whenever someone asked their friends, “hey do you know a skip company” the response was … “oh yeah call those guys that did that thing”

Now that would be just gravy 👌

Don’t get me wrong, we doubt there’ll be John Lewis-level of anticipation each year before launching a new advert.

But as long as everyone in Bury knows who they are … we’re onto a winner!

Best run Google ads too, just to be safe though ey 😝 


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