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This has to be one of our most enjoyable and successful campaigns to date, generating a phenomenal level of impact and engagement since its launch.

If you think about it, it makes sense. Organisations in this space rarely do advertising campaigns, and when they do, they’re awfully boring and of poor quality.

Yet with a little creative flair, we’ve generated mass awareness, excitement and invited the community they serve inside this wonderful, family-owned business.

During the creation-phase, we could feel the apprehension in the stakeholders as they haven’t seen/done anything like this before  …

The apprehension thankfully passed as soon as the results rolled in.

It’s quite possibly one of the most brilliant low-budget ads we’ve worked on to date! Paying homage to the Dollar Shave Club ads of the early 2010’s

(One of the reasons we originally got into this style of disruptive almost guerrilla-style marketing space)

We can tell you one this though … nobody in Bury has ever run a campaign like this before … and definitely not an industrial business that’s for sure!

Introducing … “The Greatest Tyson That Ever Lived” 👊🏻😈
over at M60 Skip Hire Ltd ♻️

A brilliant effort all round with our team, from creating such a wild script, to capturing this crazy concept perfectly and pulling everything together all in such a short space of time!

A wise-man once told us, if you create content that showcases your brand in such a way that people love what you’ve done, you’re not selling anymore, you’re inviting them into your business.

The Results:

  • Thousands of organic views across social platforms prior to ads running
  • 100’s of potential customer sharing on their own platforms commenting how “great this advert is”
  • 100’s of comments on our post again with comments about how much they love this content
  • 10x expected CTR compared to industry standard once, advertising began
  • Over 200% increase in traffic to website
  • A large increase in orders during what would be the ‘quiet period’
  • The bottom line: Mass brand awareness and 000’s in increased orders. Excited and engaged customers now promoting the business via WOM.

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