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M60 Skip Hire approached Hussel Marketing as they wished to increase their presence online and maximise the efficiency of PPC advertisement efforts. They were aware customers were struggling to find information quickly and they were often unable to make a decision to purchase. 

Hussel quickly found the website was unfortunately not fit for purpose with very limited information for those browsing. The main issue was if a customer were to visit the site, they would more often than not leave confused and bounce off the site to a competitor hire company. 

Hussel completely redesigned the site to ensure the business not only stood out in their industry, but also provided clear, concise information that now ensures a visitor has all the necessary information for them to make an informed decision to purchase. 

We created stand-alone pages where advertisements could run through social or PPC ads, designed to generate leads when campaigns are running.

The website itself is now up to date and modern, leaps and bounds ahead of most competitors. 

Hussel focused on  showcasing the team members and real people behind the business, highlighting company values, and giving the potential customers peace of mind that they are choosing the right business to work with.

There’s even an innovative skip size guide where customers can find out exactly what skip should be used depending on what their requirements are. 

Results: Since creating the new website, M60 have seen over 300% increase in traffic with inbound leads and enquiries 5x higher than the previous period despite ad spend remaining the same. A huge success and Hussel continue to work with M60 to this day.  

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