NailsbystacieX is a stylish and unique nail salon start-up that wanted to a place online to share prices and their work. It was a difficult project to develop as we had very little budget, but working closely with the founder we managed to find a way to make it work for them. 

The client wanted us to build on WordPress and had seen a similar website they liked and wanted us to use that site as a reference point. We agreed that for the level of styling and control within their budget, a WordPress build was the way to go.

Unfortunately, as a new venture, the business had very little in terms of content or visual assets and this meant we had to go back to basics creating everything from scratch.

By working closely with the business owner, our content team were able to craft website copy and source imagery that reflected the brand and the tone of voice they were looking to portray to their target demographic.

Results: Since creating the website the client has seen an increase in enquires locally as search engines organically began ranking the site. Having a place to send word of mouth enquiries has also proved invaluable in growing the business since.

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