I always find when I explain disruption to clients I say “you don’t need to get naked on a billboard to be disruptive” and that got me thinking …

What are the rules on advertising? And how naked is too naked? 

Fast forward three months and we’re here … and we call this move “pulling a Burt”

We appreciate that many that stumble across the atrocity that is our billboard campaign, you may be too young to know what that means, Don’t worry we’ll give you the background.

Please see the original – Burt Reynolds Cosmo Centrefold 🤣 

What's the point of this!

Many companies claim to be “disruptive”, “think outside the box” and say they’re unorthodox … and of course it’s easy to provide lip-service. 

We actually are that wild and wacky, that no idea is too much for our business. Anyone can say they’re disruptive, but few businesses actually cause chaos and mayhem like ours. 

This wasn’t about a billboard, this was about living our values and showcasing how far a little creative-thinking can go. 

For now we guess we’ll say to clients “you don’t have to go naked on a billboard to be disruptive … but you can if you like” 😂😂😂😂

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