We filmed a disruptive campaign in public which went viral immediately, using Elton Tom, “Security”, “Primark” staff, even managing to get hold of a Bentley (which we broke and had to tow home!)

Okay so let us explain, we recently had an epiphany … How can we demonstrate how creative and disruptive we are? … then it came to us!

Graphic Designers often rebrand logos, or do their own versions of branding.What if we chose brands and made our own versions of disruptive/unorthodox campaigns for them … and show why we’re different?

We’ll call it … “Badvertising”

That was it, excitement floods the room, and our ADHD-powered, creative minds start to run this on repeat, over and over. It’s decided … “We have to do this!”

Of course, being a concept, we can’t afford to throw a typical advertising budget into the 10’s of thousands of ££’s into this, so we’re going to have to get creative if we want it to stack-up to the type of noisy, Press grabbing campaigns you’d see with major brands right?

Then we thought “Screw it!” let’s restrict the budget to no more that $1000 😈

For our first Badvertising campaign we went with a disruptive marketing advert using Primark as the brand,  Liverpool as the location and a faux Elton John ordered in from down south. 


– Two national press features 
– 6m organic views on public TikTok account
– Over 250,000 views on on our own social channels
– “Budget” of just over £1k 

Please don’t sue us Primark/Elton we’re just trying to display our creativity here at Hussel Marketing!

As for everyone in the public that asked for selfies we apologise in advance 👀

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