Reign Group approached Hussel after seeing our posts on social media and took the time to look through our portfolio. Liking the dark/moody website design styles we had created previously, they contacted us to see if we could do something similar for their brand. 

The brief was simple, capture the essence of the brand and create a unique, sleek design that could be a showcase for all of their work moving forwards. With B2B customers and potential clients expected to be the main visitors to the new website, Hussel had to ensure it remained professional whilst trying to capture the personality in the brand. 

After a handful of meetings and in-depth discussions, Hussel proposed our idea and Reign loved our concept. 

We know, we know … it seems quite obvious now you look at it! “How can you make a website super cool” just add lions and fire, the equation just make sense.

After all: Lions + Fire = $$$

We swear though, there was much more thought that went into the design and the decision to build it in the way we did.

Here’s the actual thought process behind it;

  • The current logo for Reign incorporated a lion and the mane almost looked as though they were flames
  • Being born and raised in South Africa, the founder liked the connection to his roots and journey
  • The fire incorporated into the site would represent passion and energy within the business

Once we’d discussed our vision with the designers and developers, they set to work crafting a site that would not only engage, but would intrigue visitors whilst also clearly displaying the services in a simple and UX friendly way. UX is an important aspect of any website, but here the use experience was purposefully checked with regard to likelihood of conversion and with the customers in mind.

Results: We’re thrilled with how the finished site came together and we believe the site now reflects the business and what the organisation stands for. Reign are also very pleased with the results! 

We at Hussel believe the site will stand the test of time and they can continue to build on those solid foundations as the business expands and scales.

Client Review: “Lewis and his team recently created the Reign Media Group Website. They went above and beyond to make sure every detail of the website was perfect and took the time to answer questions and show us how we could improve our internet presence to get the best results.

The website they designed is eye-catching, sleek and modern and exceeded our expectations. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lewis to anyone who wants to make their company stand out in a crowd.”

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