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Revolución de Cuba & Bacardi Disruptive Campaign

A Valentines campaign … that actually spreads joy and sold nothing but happiness … and connected with the right audience!

Ahhhh what more could we ask for 😍

We’re so happy that Revolución de Cuba decided to take a punt and try something completely new in a bid to raise brand awareness.

The result? A real, disruptive campaign that when captured, can now run as an advertisement drawing further engagement and awareness.

Whyyyy does this work we hear you say!?

Because 99% of organisations are doing the same ol’ boring tosh, week in week out … and it’s just more noise and colour bombarding them and being presented to an already overwhelmed audience.

What if you … got creative?

What if you … took a risk?

What if … it worked?

Get disruptive ladies and gents 👊🏻😈

It’s the only way to make a mark …

The Results:

  • Currently this is the most viewed video on Revs De Cuba social media.
  • Driving direct footfall on the day utilising vouchers and other collateral.
  • Running as an ad we see a much larger level of engagement as we’re using creative, geographically relevant and interesting footage.
  • Increased awareness of the brand and valentines events.
  • Direct bookings of events off the back of the campaign. 
  • Immersing potential customers in an interactive experience, businesses can create a strong and lasting impression.
  • The bottom line: Great brand awareness, better advertising content and positive WOM. All leading to, more customers through the door. 

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