Storm Right had the same website for many years, and like many other home-improvement companies, digital marketing had never been a real focus for the business. With digital media being accelerated through 2020-2022, many customers had no option but to browse online, Storm Right recognised the need to improve the site to ensure business could continue as normal. 

The previous site had been build with the intention of creating an online presence however, the new site would be designed in such a way that it would not only educate visitors about the services they have on offer, but would give that customer all the necessary information required for them to choose Storm Right as their home-improvement provider. 

  • A completely bespoke site was designed to match the branding and style of the business
  • We crafted content across the entire site due to limited copy being available on the previous site
  • All services were split out and with images sourced from supplier sites and projects they had previously completed to highlight the value of those services
  • When the site was built all pages had particular attention paid to the customer journey and the path to purchase to maximise return on investment should they run any advertisement in future
  • Our photographer headed down to the client office to capture team member images to really showcase those behind the business and build trust
  • Specific areas were included where Storm Right could include projects they had worked on and continue to update the site as the business grows

Results: The new Storm Right website has been attracting increased levels of traffic, appearing in many more service-specific search results and more customers are now enquiring online that ever before. 

An unexpected benefit has been that the sales team now have a clear reference point when discussing options with home-owners.  

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