A new business approached Hussel with an idea for a completely new brand with fantastic aims. 

This new brand would focus on installing energy efficient measures  to upgrade and install cost-effective, energy efficient products to enhance quality of life and work in-line with the UK Governments scheme to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Following a few rounds of initial meetings and discussions, Zerofy was born.  

Operating in a highly competitive industry the brief was far from simple. We had to create a unique brand, develop a name that stands out and tells potential customers what they do, and create a website that offers enough information for potential customers to make a decision to work with them. 

Luckily Hussel have worked with a handful of businesses operating in the home/energy improvement space and had extensive knowledge of the consumer decision-making process, including touch-points that were important to get right from the very beginning.  

  • Initial concepts for business name and logo creation. 
  • Creation of finalised branding and logo including brand colours and graphics. 
  • Conceptual, bespoke designs of website for client to choose which they felt best represented the new business. 
  • Complete website build including innovative layouts for each page and a unique menu style.
  • Creation of necessary social channels including bespoke branding to match all other assets. 
  • Copywriter researched  each service offered and similar competitors in the market.
  • Professional creation of informative, SEO optimised content across the entire site designed to convert.

Results: A unique twist on an all too often uninspired industry, with a brand that has the ability to position itself as the innovative, thought leader in this space. The site focuses on not only appealing to or engaging potential customers, but each page has been painstakingly reviewed to ensure conversion is the priority.

Disrupting in your space doesn’t mean you have to go over the top or using expletives in social posts, just because “it’s going to make you stand out”.

What makes a disruptive, inspired business is focusing on the industry you operate within and approaching everything with a fresh mindset that aligns with digital best-practice and does what it does, well. 

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