Latest Past Events

Hussel Lake-A-Palooza 2023: Wild Shore Cheshire

Wild Shore Lake Holiday & Sailing Park, Chester Rd,, Delamere,

It's Back, Bigger and Wetter - Hussel Society's Lake-A-Palooza 2023! 🎉 Hello, you lovely lot! Wouldn't it be odd if we didn't wrap up summer with a splash? We mean, come on...our brand has always been about stepping outside the norm, right? So, this year, Hussel Society is back, serving you a fresh slice of […]


Hussel Halloween: Manchester Networking

Location Secret Salford, Manchester

Well hello everybody once again ... Wouldn't it be strange if we didn't celebrate Halloween? ... I mean, after all ... our brand is a little bit, shall we say, out of the ordinary ... So this October it only makes sense that we bring Hussel Society back for another one of the creepiest/weirdest business […]


Hussel Society: Manchester Conclave

Location Secret Salford, Manchester

Two years ago ... we promised secret and unique events for likeminded people to come together and share knowledge. Whilst Covid ruined it for us and we had to wait to pull this together ... We can now confirm the very first Society Meeting is now live! Ladies & gentleman ... We would like to cordially invite […]