Be More Maverick: Redefining Aviation Advertising

In the cluttered and pretty dull world of aviation advertisements, we decided to soar above the ordinary. Cue Top Gun vibes complete with full fighter pilot outfit. Our ‘Be More Maverick’ campaign is a declaration of creativity and determination in an industry ripe for a little disruption.

The Challenge

The aviation industry is steeped in conventions and clichés, but we aimed to disrupt the norm. Our challenge was pretty tough: we had to create a captivating advert that people wouldn’t just watch, but actively seek out and enjoy. And make it for pilots of all ages nonetheless.

The Creative Plan

We wanted an advert that felt less like a pitch and more like a pulse-pounding piece of cinema. We brainstormed like mad, chased planes in the back of a pickup truck, and filmed in multiple locations across Essex, infusing every frame with adrenaline and authenticity.

Execution and Solution

This journey was intense—full of blood, sweat, and more swear. Filming an advert that was meant to be more of an engaging story than a sales pitch required a blend of precise execution and wild, spontaneous creativity.


The outcome was spectacular. ‘Be More Maverick’ became not just an advert but a spectacle that drew viewers in with its exiting narrative, nod to the original Top Gun and high-octane visuals.

It turned into our favourite project, especially resonant because Lewis, as a student pilot using the advertised services, I brought his own passion and insight into the mix.


Massive kudos to our dedicated team, whose creativity and drive transformed a wild concept into a stunning reality.

This campaign was an example of what happens when you combine deep consumer understanding with a refusal to play it safe.

It’s an invitation to engage, to be thrilled, and to remember why sometimes, the ‘Maverick’ path is the one most worth flying.

"It's been a blast working with Lewis and the Hussel Marketing team since the start of 2023. Lewis brings a new dimension, thought process and a level of Marketing expertise that we just don't have in our current business set -up. Lewis has become a welcome extension to our business. Lewis is full of energy & enthusiasm and is clearly passionate about his subject. If you can deal with the pace - I'd fully recommend having this marketing innovator on-board."
Nick Ratcliffe

Marketing Director - FASTSIGNS Manchester

"Lewis is my (not so) secret weapon for disruptive PR! We've worked on some brilliant brand activations this year with Revoluciòn de Cuba and I can't wait to carry on creating memorable moments, flipping the familiar into a fiesta. Our most recent activation in Birmingham Bullring was beautifully pulled together, the video has been a hit internally and i'm excited for the content to hit our digital channels for guests to see. Lewis is professional, enthusiastic, innovative and I feel confident that he can literally pull anything off we dare to dream up!"
Kate Hawkshaw

Brand Manager - Revolución de Cuba

Lewis and Hussel is not just another Marketing place. Working with Lewis developed and in time, he felt like family. His ideas are wild and unique and designed to engage and intrigue resulting in 100s of thousands of views if not millions. He ran a cancer awareness campaign for us and created an investor video ad in under a week. The results were stunning and a great showcase of his talent as an artist. I expect huge things for him and his company and expect this to be the start of his firm exploding!!
Jeff Stephens

Owner/Director - Infusion 51a

The Hussel team have recently built HM Staffing a new website and we are blown away by the site and the results it's delivering. From the start of the process to the end we had no issues and Lewis was always just a phone call away to help with any questions or changes. Massive thank you to the Hussel Team for building us a website that doesn't just look nice but also converts clients and represents our brand.
Harry Portch

Owner/Director - HM Staffing

"Hussel were exactly what we were looking for as a think outside of the box marketing agency. Brennan worked with Hussel to produce a video for use as an advert on our social media & YouTube channels. Lewis and his team were fantastic to work with & delivered exactly what we were looking for with the tone & presentation of the video. We've been so impressed with the first video they produced for us that we've decided to turn this into a series of adverts for our company. We're really happy to continue to work with Hussel and produce some compelling but fun content for our customers."
Baneet Grover

Marketing Manager - Brennan Industries

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