IDGAF Entrepreneur / Freelancer White Tee With Hidden Message


Okay okay okay, so … we wanted to create some pretty cool tees that we could wear around the house. Something that looks good when grafting away on our dreams but also means we don’t look a complete mess when we pop to the shop … the big question though, was how could we make it different?

Cue awesome idea whilst washing our mop in the shower! 

What if we made something that had a hidden message that only the wearer would see. What if, every time you got dressed you had a positive message to kick start your day. Something that causes you to take a moment and appreciate how far you’ve come. Awesome right!?

So yeah we made some funky designs that are a little different, and yeah we’ve used only the best quality materials to make a quality tee that won’t shrink in the wash. But … the unique part, well … that’s for your eyes only. 

Each t-shirt has a different quote hidden within the neck of the tee. Quotes will change regularly and you won’t know what it will say until you open it, but we promise it will include words of wisdom from someone inspiring, someone that’s made it against all odds and in the face of adversity. 

These tees are designed to not only make you look great, but to make you truly feel like you can take on anything. 

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